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[Da Nang Travel] Introducing how to use the ride-hailing app "Grab"

Update: 5/13/2024

What is "Grab"?

Grab is a ride-hailing app based in Malaysia. It is also widely used in Thailand and Vietnam.

What can you do with Grab app?


1. Instant Car/Bike Booking: With a plethora of drivers in Vietnam, you can quickly book cars or bikes.

2. Bike Rides: GrabBike offers cheaper fares compared to taxis, making it ideal for solo travelers or outings.

3. Set Destination in Advance: When booking a ride, you can set your destination. The fare to your destination is displayed upfront, eliminating concerns about overcharging.

4. Cashless Payments: By registering your credit card beforehand, you can utilize cashless payments, avoiding the hassle of using Vietnamese dong. Cash payments are also accepted. (NOTE: Credit card registration is not possible in Japan and must be done locally.)

How to Use the Grab App:

1. Download Grab: Download the "Grab" app from Google Play or the Apple Store. (Before downloading the app, ensure the following:)

・Internet access (Wi-Fi, mobile data)

・Phone number (Japanese numbers are also accepted)

・Credit card (only if you want to use credit card payments)

2. Register: Follow the instructions to complete the initial setup.

Process from Booking to Ride with Grab:


1. Choose Car/Bike in the Grab App.

2. Enter pickup and drop-off locations, select payment method, and vehicle type.

  • Enter the address or name of the destination.
  • You can also choose from the map.
  • The app displays the number of passengers each vehicle can accommodate.

3. Press "Book" to confirm the booking.

4. Confirm the vehicle's license plate before boarding.

5. Arrive at your destination and make the payment (for online payments, just disembark).

Important Notes:

・Cancellation is possible.

・Additional charges apply if you don't board the vehicle within a certain time (3-5 minutes) of its arrival.


Grab is a convenient app that allows you to book taxis anytime, anywhere. With affordable fares and transparent pricing, you can use it with peace of mind. Mastering the Grab app will make your stay in Vietnam more comfortable.

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