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【Da Nang Travel】Vietnamese food isn't just Pho! Introducing specialties from Da Nang and Hoi An."

Update: 5/ 9/2024

When you think of Vietnamese food, you often imagine dishes like Pho and Fresh spring rolls, right? So this time, let me introduce you to the popular dishes of Danang and Hoi An.

1.Chicken Rice(Cơm gà)

Com Ga is a chicken rice dish originating from the UNESCO World Heritage town of Hoi An, and it's also a highly popular dish in Danang. The chicken, served on top of rice, can be either fried (Cơm gà quay) or finely shredded (Cơm gà xé), depending on your preference. Since different restaurants offer variations of Com Ga with unique flavors, it's a good idea to try different ones to compare.

2.Quang Noodle(Mì quảng)

Danang's specialty dish, Mi Quang, is a noodle dish with less broth, featuring noodles similar to Japanese "kishimen." It's said to have originated during the period when Hoi An, once a bustling port town, prospered through trade, drawing influence from noodle dishes of Japan and China. You can enhance the flavor by adding fresh vegetables and spices according to your preference, making it a delightful experience of taste variations!

3.Vietnamese Pancake(Bánh xèo)

Banh Xeo, also known as "Vietnamese-style pancake," is a dish originating from the central and southern regions of Vietnam. It's made with a thin batter containing turmeric and coconut milk, filled with ingredients such as shrimp, pork, bean sprouts, and sometimes mushrooms. The dish gets its name from the sizzling sound "xeo" when the batter is poured into a hot skillet. It's perfect for satisfying your hunger!

4.Pork Rice Noodle(Bún bò Huế)

Bun Bo Hue is a noodle dish originating from the Hue region in Central Vietnam. It features "bun," rice noodles, and a slightly sour and spicy broth. The soup, made by simmering beef or pork bones with herbs for an extended period, is rich in flavor.

5.Three Specialties in Hoi An

・White Rose Dumpling(Bánh hoa hồng trắng)

・Wonton(Hoành thánh chiên)

・Cao Lau(Cao Lầu)

The UNESCO World Heritage town of Hoi An, renowned for its "Three Specialties," representing the quintessential cuisine of the region. These dishes originated during Hoi An's prosperity as an international trading port from the 17th to the 19th century. Created through a fusion of Vietnamese, Chinese, and Japanese culinary influences, these dishes symbolize the rich history and culture of Hoi An. When you visit Hoi An, be sure to try them out!

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