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Privacy Statement

Personal information provided to Da Nang Villa Realty LLC. (referred to as "DVR" hereafter) in this document and any personal information provided to DVR in the future will be handled in accordance with the following Privacy Statement.

[Basic Policies for the Acquisition, Use, and Provision of Personal Information]

DVR will acquire personal information through appropriate means and will clearly state the purposes for which the information is used. Personal information will not be handled beyond these purposes without obtaining customer consent. DVR will also follow legal procedures when providing or disclosing personal information to third parties.

[Safety Measures for Personal Information]

DVR is committed to securely managing and administering customers' personal information. We implement safety measures to prevent unauthorized access, data loss, damage, alteration, disclosure, or illegal leakage to external parties. Regular training is provided to employees to emphasize the importance of personal information protection. We continually review and improve our security measures.

[Personal information we collect]

The personal information we collect will depend on the Service or Services we provide to you.
It may include:


your name, residential or business address, contact phone numbers, email address;


family details;


employment details;


financial information, including assets, liabilities, income, outgoings, spending patterns and credit reference reports;


the value of your property;


insurance details;


credit card and banking details;


Sensitive Information;


Credit Related Information;


information in respect to a will or estate;


references (e.g. to support rental arrangements);


copies of photo identification (e.g. driver's licence, passport, student ID); or any other personal information relevant to the Service we are providing to you.

[Purpose of Using Personal Information]

We use your personal information for the following purposes.


Purchase and sale, leasing, and management of real estate, as well as agency and brokerage services.


Construction-related businesses, including real estate design, construction, project management, construction management, maintenance, and remodeling.


Export, import, and sale of housing materials, interior goods, and related products.


Joint operations with other companies in various services such as hotels, Airbnb, restaurants, sightseeing, entertainment, and merchandise sales.


Insurance agency services.


Services related to or incidental to the above-mentioned businesses.

[Provision to Third Parties]

DVR may provide personal information to third parties, including business owners, agents, brokers, financial institutions, and more, within the scope necessary to achieve the stated purposes. Legal requests for disclosure will also be honored.


Related entities of VILLA Real Estate Group.


Tenants and prospective tenants.


People listed as co-tenants and agents of a tenant.


Property owners and purchasers and their lawyers, advisers and contractors.


Real estate agents who engage us to sell or manage properties.


Utilities, tradespeople and contractors who provide services in relation to a property.


Rental bond authorities and insurance providers.


Media organizations, in connection with advertising or publishing a property.

[Provision to Third Parties in Foreign Countries]

DVR may provide personal information to overseas group companies for real estate information and services during overseas stays.

[Joint use by VILLA group companies]

Your personal information may be jointly used with VILLA Group companies for purposes similar to those mentioned above.

[Outsourcing the Management of Personal Information]

DVR may outsource the management of personal information to external operators to ensure smooth business execution while maintaining strict data protection standards.

[Correction of Personal Information]

If your personal data is found to be inconsistent with the facts, DVR will correct it. For inquiries regarding personal information, please contact us.

[For Website Users]

Access log files are used for statistical purposes and do not collect personal information. Links to external sites are provided, and we are not responsible for their data collection practices. Our website employs SSL encryption and firewall protection to secure your personal information. We may update this Privacy Statement, and the update date will be clearly stated.

[About Cookies]

We take the utmost care in handling your personal information and respond promptly to any concerns. We continuously review and enhance our data protection practices. We do not sell your personal information, but cookies are used in the Service as described in the Cookie Policy. If you exercise the right to opt-out of the cookies ("Do Not Sell My Info"), you can do so by configuring cookie preferences as described in the Cookie Policy

[Business Operator Handling Personal Information]

Da Nang Villa Realty LLC
Main Office: 15 Ngo Thi Si Street, My An, Ngu Hanh Son, Da Nang, Vietnam

If you would like further information on our Privacy Policy or if you have any concerns over the protection of the information you have given to us or that we have collected from others, please contact us by contacting our

*This privacy statement was updated on October 4, 2023.*

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