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Landmark Tower Danang Apartment

Landmark Tower Danang Apartment

Landmark Tower is located on Bach Dang Street, Binh Hien Ward, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City. The project is located opposite Apec park, within the administrative boundary of Binh Thuan ward, Hai Chau district and only about 100 meters from Dragon Bridge.


Scale of Landmark Tower Da Nang project

Landmark Tower apartment has a total area of 3,765 m2 with a construction density of 59.98%, a green tree density of 20%, and the remaining areas are reserved for other public amenities. The project has a total construction floor area of 59,846.03 m2, including: basement, podium, technical floor and attic.

Products of the Landmark Tower project include two towers, The Phoenix, 31 floors, and The Dragon, 39 floors. On the 1st and 2nd floors of the tower are the reception desk, taxi waiting area, commercial center and shopping stores. On the 3rd and 4th floors are the community living area, Sauna bathing area, swimming pool for adults and children, gym and children's playground...

image-20220427135222-2.pngOverall floor plan of the 1st floor

The design of The Phoenix tower, from floors 5 to 29, the typical number of apartments is 08 apartments/floor, the 14th floor is used as a refuge floor, the 30th floor has 04 apartments/floor, the 31st floor has 2 apartments. penthouse. The total number of apartments in The Phoenix is 197 units with 2 bedroom apartments being 196 units, area 55.94 - 145.72 m2; 3-bedroom apartment with only 1 unit, area 167.4 m2.

Design of The Dragon tower from floors 5 - 37 with 8 apartments/floor, except for the 10th and 16th floors which only have 3 apartments/floor. The 20th floor is used as a refuge floor, the 38th and 39th floors are duplex apartments with 3 apartments/floor. The total number of apartments includes 249 units, with 246 2-bedroom apartments with an area of ​​55.94 - 228.83 m2 and 3 3-bedroom apartments with an area of 248.46 - 390.47 m2.image-20220427135222-3 (1).png20220426145802-7d29.jpg20220426145729-b0e6.jpgKhuVuiChoiTreEm.jpg20220426145704-03ce.jpgUpdate project progress...

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